Excerpt from Chapter 3

The Mystery of the Abandoned

CH-3:  The Cavern

Cinthàs was beautiful to look upon.  Her dark hair made her as attractive as she
was appealing.  The soft countenance of
her face made up for the stone-cold stare that her eyes gave.  If I didn’t know better, I would easily fall
for her.  Although she appeared innocent,
I could sense that she was hiding something. 
Something so mystifying that, if revealed to mankind, would change the
course of known history.  It was only a
suspicion, but the more I got to know her the more obvious it became.  I ventured to learn more of this mysterious
waterfall she had told me about over the phone. 
If people were killing each other because of it, it must be valuable.

Cinthàs led me to a grotto in the middle of the
forest, one so hidden that I could not see it even if I were looking for
it.  Once in the cave, she grabbed the
flashlight from me and used it to see in front of her.  I panicked. 
Drops of water were dripping from the ceiling above, and I was sure that
I saw a bat fly past me.  This was by far
the most bizarre case I had ever worked on.   She motioned for me to crawl through a tiny
hole on the ground, and I hesitantly copied her motions as she got down on her
hands and knees to enter the hole.  My
back was even with my head as I got to the next chamber of the cave.  As she shone my flashlight around the room, I
saw treasure spread out within the room. 
Approaching the gold, I reached for the treasure, but I was stopped by
her hand hitting my hand.  She again
motioned for me to continue on the path. 
I could tell that either she was not from around here and did not know
the value of gold or the waterfall was better than gold.  Or both. 
In the far distance, I could make out a small light coming from the
ceiling.  “We’re almost there,” I thought
to myself.  I must have spoken aloud, for
she shone the flashlight towards the opening, implying that my suspicions were

            As we
neared the light, I could tell that it seemed to remain the same distance away
every step I took.

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