Chapter 5

Strange Compulsion

Chapter 5

            Dr. Black was packing her things to
go home for the day.  A knock came from
the outside of her office.

            “Come in.”

            “Ah, Dr. Black.  I see you’re about to leave.”

            “Yes, I am through for the day.  I am about to head home.”

            “I know what you did, and I do not
approve of it.”

            “What do you not approve of?”
            “You hide it well.  Deep inside you, you know well what you did.”

            “Refresh my memory.  I haven’t the slightest clue of what you

            “Maybe this will refresh your
memory.”  Dr. Malone attempted to throw
her across the room.  His attempt was
offset by her, as she did the same to him. 
Only her attempt proved to be stronger. 
He was flung across the room, flew over her desk, and landed with a thud
against the wall.  His power was no match
for hers.  She went over to him, tore off
a piece of his black suit, turned out the light, and left.  The door shut and locked behind her.

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