Chapter 4

Strange Compulsion

Chapter 4

man dressed in a black suit stepped in the door.  “FBI. 
John, you are under arrest. 
Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of

            Without words, John followed the
agent to a black car waiting outside the door. 
Dr. Malone watched as the man handcuffed John’s two hands together.  He had no idea why John was under arrest, and
it was useless for him to try to figure it out. 
It was all out of his control now, and all he could hope for now was
that John was strong enough to use his power to get out without getting caught.

            “John, we are under the impression
that you have something no other human has.”

            This was what John was fearful
of.  He must have told someone about his
ability before he was unconscious four weeks earlier.  But who?

It must have been Tim.  He had
implied that he was being controlled by telepathy, but he hadn’t gone straight
out and said it.  “I have one call,

            “Yes, but that’s beside the
point.  We are the interrogators, not

            “But under the law I am entitled to
my one phone call.”

            “Not yet.  Once we are through finding out all we need
to know, you can be through.”

            “Then I will be quick.  I am a normal human being.”

            “You can make one phone call.  But make it quick.”

            5-3-4 2-7-6 8-2-8-1

            The phone rang and a message played
on the phone.

            “Are you willing to accept the
collect call from John?”

            Tim pressed ‘one’ for ‘yes.’  “Where on earth are you?”

            “If I were to tell you, you wouldn’t
believe me.  I don’t have much time, but
I need to know something.  When I asked
you about what you would do if you had a dream that someone was controlling
your brain, did you tell anyone that I was telepathic?”


            “Do you remember about six weeks ago
when we at dinner with Jessica and Lindsey, before we picked them up, I asked
you what you would do in that situation?”

            “Yeah, vaguely.  What about it?”

            “Did you tell anyone that I had that



            “Are you?

            “Am I what?”


            John looked at the guards who were
already asleep.  “Yes.”

            The other end was silent.  John hung up the phone.

            As though compelled by a force, the
guards awoke with a start.  They looked
around the room.  “You’re still here?”


            “You didn’t leave while we were
            “I didn’t leave while you were

            “Good.  Don’t leave.”

            They fell back asleep as quickly as
they had awoken.

            John could not piece together what
he had done to give himself away to the FBI. 
Who, or what, had he told that gave his secret away?

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