Chapter 3

Strange Compulsion

Chapter 3

            John awoke.  His surroundings were familiar, and a
familiar voice said, “John, it’s okay. 
You just passed out.  All I told
you was that you were indestructible.”

            That was all John heard, and he was
out again.  This time, he awoke in a
white room, with white sheets, and he was wearing a white robe.  “Am I in Heaven?”

            “No,” a voice answered.  The voice was unfamiliar.  “You are in the hospital.  Sit back and relax.”  The voice belonged to the nurse, who had had
her eye on him the past two hours non-stop, unknown to him, to make sure he
wouldn’t wake up in a shock and not know where he was.

            “You have visitors,” another voice

            “Let them in.”

            “Hey son.”  His father stood at the bed.  “I heard that you passed out.  We came over here to visit you in the
hospital.”  His mother was standing next
to her husband of 25 years.

            “Are you alright?”

            “I’m fine, I guess.  I just woke up, and I don’t even know what

            “As long as you’re okay.”

            “Yeah, I’m fine.”

            “Do you have any memory at all about
what happened?  Where you were when you
passed out?  Anything at all?” his mother

            “None.  All I remember was that I was meeting a
professor at school when this happened. 
I don’t even remember who it was.”

            “Well, you’ll probably get your
memory back soon.”

            John all of a sudden felt
restless.  He knew he needed to get back
to sleep, but he wouldn’t be able to with his parents standing there.  It was useless to try to get sleep while they
were there.

            “Hey John, we’ll sit out in the
waiting room and let you rest.  OK, son?”

            He had not told his father that he
needed rest, but his father acted like he was being forced to leave his son
there, as though something beyond his comprehension compelled him to bring his
wife out of the room and let John rest. 
But he didn’t know what.

            John stared at the note.  This was the third time he did so in the past
hour he had been awake that morning, but he couldn’t remember why the note was
on his desk.  Since the note was undated,
he decided that the note was current and that he needed to go to the lab.  But he had no recollection of where the lab

            He took off his pajamas and put on
his clothes for the day.  He knew that he
could be in danger, so he did so as quickly as he could.

            Five minutes later, he stood at the
lab’s doorway.  The room seemed familiar,
but nothing seemed as familiar as the professor who stood inside it.  “Come on in. 
What can I do for you?” the professor asked.

            “I don’t know.  I don’t even know why I’m here.  I saw a note on my desk telling me to come
here, but that’s all I know.”

            “I had sent you a note four weeks
ago, but during that meeting you fainted and I had to rush you to the
hospital.  Are you okay?”

            The memory was coming back to him.  He remembered fainting now, but he still
could not recall the reason.

            “So, why did I faint?”

            “I told you that you were
indestructible, and you fell right on the floor.  When you came to, I told you that again, and
this time you were out for a long time. 
I called an ambulance and they brought you to the hospital.  Do you not remember any of that at all?”

            John shook his head.  “I just barely remember fainting, and I
barely know who you are.  I just came
because I saw the note.”

            “You must have had a bad memory
lapse, then.  What I find quite odd is
the fact that you did not faint when I told you today that you were

            “I don’t find that odd one bit.  I feel indestructible now.  But what are you referring to?”
            “Before you passed out, I had
been controlling your mind for several weeks. 
It was a part of an experiment, and you were the first human to be under
telepathy by another human being.  You
started to be able to control the urges that I had given you once I told you
that you were strong enough, so you stopped coming for two solid weeks.  I had not finished with the experiment, so I
went to find you.  You were in class, so
I told your roommate that I would leave a note on your desk.  When you saw it, you came back to the lab,
when I decided to tell you that you were not only being controlled by my mind,
but that you were finally mentally strong enough to fight the signals I
telepathically sent you.  When I told you
that you were indestructible, that is when you fainted.  Twice. 
That is everything up to date.”

            “So, all of that was not a dream?”

            “I’m afraid not.”

            “What do you mean, ‘I’m afraid

            “Well, once this ability becomes
public, who knows who will want the power for himself?”

            “I do recall most of what you said
now, but it had all felt like a dream.”

            “Since then, have you had any new

            “At the hospital, when I wanted
rest, I controlled my father’s mind and telepathically had him take my mother
out so I could rest.”

            “Any other times?”

            Before John could answer, there was
a knock on the door.

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