Chapter 2

Strange Compulsion


student awoke with a start.  He expected
to be in the lab.  Maybe it had all been
a dream about the mind-controlling games that the professor had been playing on
him.  He was glad to see that those games
were over, and that he could go back to his regular schedule that he had been
on prior to the interruptions.  The sky
outside his window was dark.  He was still
in his dorm room.  He peeked above his
knees to read the clock set on his bed. 
It read 7:05.  He was glad to know
that the mind games were over and probably just a dream he had had.


voice came from the doorway.  It sounded
like one of his friends.

just a minute.”  He took a second to
think.  If he doesn’t usually get up this
early for classes, why is his best friend acting like they are about to do

don’t want to be late for dinner.”

the student replied.

you remember we had made dinner plans tonight with the girls?”

was referring to two girls that both boys had a crush on.  They had made arrangements to go eat out at
7:30 that night.

took a second glance at the clock on his bed, and noticed that it read 7:06
p.m.  Unfortunately, he may not have been
dreaming the previous three mornings.  He
knew something must have been wrong.

I’m coming.  Just let me get my shoes on
first.”  He had lay down to take a five
minute nap that afternoon at 5 and had ended up sleeping two whole hours.

two were in the friend’s car.  “Hey Tom,
can I ask you a question?”


would you do if you were under mind control for thirty minutes a day?”

am.  It lasts more than thirty minutes,
though.  It happens whenever I think of
Jessica.  When I think of her, I do
things I never dreamed possible.”

I mean what if your mind was to be controlled unexpectedly one day?  What would you do?”

this been happening?”

was my dream a few days ago.”

I would make the best of it.  If it were
to truly happen to you, then you would be the first person whose mind was
telepathically controlled.”


            7:15.  a.m. 
Walk over to the science building.

            7:15.  a.m. 
Walk over to the science building.

            7:15.  a.m. 
Walk over to the science building.

process continued for days on end. 
Unable to be stopped. 
Unchallenged by the student.  His
ability to control this telepathy was growing stronger by the meeting,
unbeknown to him.

this some sort of sick joke?  Who would
wake someone up at an ungodly hour to control his mind for thirty minutes every
morning and not hold him hostage until the next morning so that he would not
tell a soul what happened?”

know you won’t tell a soul.  If someone
knew you had this power, then you would be sought after by the government and
any power-hungry man who needed mind-control as much as I do.”

the one who is controlling my mind, not me.”

contraire.  It is now you who comes in here
every morning to be controlled by me. 
Another one of my theories in motion. 
Dependency.  Now you have the
ability to control this power on your own. 
You can stop it whenever you wish.”

            “Why couldn’t I, then, today, when I

            “You won’t be able to control it
until you know and believe that your willpower is able to conquer it.  Tomorrow morning try to resist the urge.  See what happens.”

            Two whole weeks had passed since
John had been to the science building. 
At all.  No more being controlled,
no more early morning science equations. 
No dependency on the routine. 
John sort of missed the torture. 
He didn’t know why, but he suspected that it had to do with the
dependency factor that the mad scientist had spoken of two weeks before.  He tried to ignore the whole idea as he
headed to class that morning.

            “Hey John, a man came by this
morning while you were in class.  He
claimed to be a science professor.”  The
voice belonged to his roommate, Tucker. 
“Since you weren’t in, he left a note on your desk.  I haven’t opened it, so I don’t know what
it’s about.”

            “I have a suspicion,” John
said.  When his roommate left the room a
few minutes later, he went over to his desk and picked up the note.  It was sealed in an envelope, so he reached
for his letter opener in his desk drawer. 
As he opened the drawer, a piece of paper fell out of the envelope.  He read the note.

            It read:

            “John.  Meet me at the science lab as soon as you
read this note.  It is a life or death
situation, and you may be in danger.  Dr.

            That was all the note said, but it
was enough to convince John to return to the science lab one more time.  He made sure there was nothing else in the
envelope, nothing that would give him a better clue about what was going
on.  It was empty.  John went straight to the lab, as the note
had said.

            “I knew you’d be back here sooner or

            “Yes.  You wrote me that urgent note.”

            “Do you happen to be tape recording
this conversation?”


            “Good.  It involves matters that must not leave the
room.  Information that, if in the wrong
hands, could lead to an early death for one or both of us.”

            John could tell something was the

            The scientist continued.  “I have looked further into the prior
research that has been put into this by any other professor.”


            “…And this is the first recorded
success of mind control, which also means it was the first time the person
being controlled could become more powerful than the urge.  How many weeks have gone by since you last
came in here by my mind control of you?”

            “Two weeks.”

            “Two whole weeks.  And do you know how many days I have tried to
telepathically call you since then?”

            There was a silence.

            “Two whole weeks.  Do you know what this means?”

            John shrugged his shoulders.  “Does it mean that I can combat the urges?”

            “It not only means that.  It means that you yourself have enough power in
you to control the telepathy that is used against you.”

            “Which means…?”

            “My boy, it means you are

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