Chapter 1

The Strange


His hand was drawn
to the chalkboard.  He could do nothing
but write formulas he had never seen before. 
The strange thing was they were correct. 
Every single formula matched a formula in science, and he had no way of
knowing them.  He looked down at his
watch:  7:15 a.m.  Just fifteen minutes earlier, he was drawn to
the science lab, even though his alarm was set to 9:00 a.m.  He never woke up at such a strange time
without an alarm.

good.”  A voice was heard from behind
him.  No doubt the mastermind who had
gotten him into this mess.  “And you are
doing this without any prior science knowledge. 
Another breakthrough in the scientific world.  I can control the hand of anyone without
having to do surgery.  Very Old
Testament.  If I’m not mistaken, in the
book of Daniel, this would have been known as ‘The Writing on the Wall.’  King Belshazzar would be proud.”  The scientist paced around the room, watching
the student’s every move.  “Just
imagine.  You are the first human to ever
be controlled telepathically by another human. 
Unless, of course, someone else has beaten me to this experiment and not
publicly published the findings.  It’s
higher than robotic technology.  It’s “Goodbye
‘I, Robot.’  Hello, ‘I, Human.’  This kind of technology has been thought of
before, but it’s not actually been done—until now”.

have you done this to me?” the student demanded.  “I didn’t do this.  You brought it on yourself,” was the only

The student
continued writing the formulas, as his arm was forced to the chalk and the
chalk to the board.  “When will you stop
controlling my mind?”

“You have all the
willpower to stop it yourself, but you are still young in this telepathic
mind.  I expect that you will gain that
power in a few years.  You still have a
lot to learn about this new ability.”

“So you will keep
me writing these formulas until I get strong enough to fight off the power?”

“I will let you go
now if you stop asking me questions.  I
prefer this ability to remain as unknown as the reasons for me choosing you are
right now.  When the time comes, you will
know everything.  Until then, expect to
be back here at the same place and time when the sun rises next.”

He was, of course,
referring to the next morning, unless he could control the sunrise as well,
which was, of course, very likely.  But
if he could control the sun, he hid it well.

The student dared
not tell a soul what he had witnessed and gone through that morning, especially
if the scientist had control of his mind when he had never met the student and
had given the student the urge to go to that lab without having been in the
student’s room that morning.  Who knew
how much of his mind the professor could read.

The next day, at
7:00 a.m., as somehow expected, the student found himself walking towards the
lab from his dorm room.  At 7:15, his arm
was at the board again, writing confounding formulas.  This time, there was another face in the room
in addition to the mad professor’s face. 
It was a woman, and he figured it was the scientist’s wife.

“Meet my assistant
professor, Dr. Black.  She was not
notified of the outcomes of the experiment until now because I wanted to see
the experiment tested before another soul knew what was going on.”

“But I knew.”

“Ah, but you had
to know because you were a part of the experiment.”

“But can’t you make
me forget that I ever did this yesterday?”

“You are the first
person I have ever tested these experiments on. 
Maybe someday the technology I create will be able to do that, but until
then I must keep to the primitive mind-controlling games.”

“How do you do

“Do what?”

“Control my brain
without having met me before and control my brain without stepping into my

“First of all, we
have met before.  Second, I have
technology above any other known technology, and it can do things people have
never heard of.”

“Where have we

“One of your
friends introduced me to you when you were near the science building.  You were thinking of dropping your major, so
you talked to me about the science department.”

“That does ring a

chit-chat.  We need to work on the
experiment itself.”

“How long do you
plan to keep at this routine of waking me up at 7 a.m.?”

“As long as it

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4 commentaires pour Chapter 1

  1. Jeremy 吳子 杰勒米 dit :

    This is one of my future books, and the next 5 chapters following this one are all of the book I have written so far.

  2. Libellule Argentée dit :

    Hey Brother, if you want I can send you this chapter in French, I\’ve translated so far! God bless you forver. I hope see you soon, God willing. : )

  3. Jeremy 吳子 杰勒米 dit :

    Oui, ce serait bien. Merci.

  4. Libellule Argentée dit :

    Ok, today I send you this chapter. See ya.

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